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California Homeless Crisis and Resolution

What we all been waiting for is an innovative solution to the homeless crisis in California, it's here and it's the most trusted project we've created "Project ACE."

Raising $34.4 Billion dollars by 2024 to clean up the homeless community and help jump start their lives.

Raising $100 Billion dollars by 2024 to build state of the art low income Housing for individuals and families in California and offer innovative programs and solutions geared towards Health and Safety.  Change must come to the housing community and how we approach building for low income individuals and families. Tenants need to stay employed or join volunteer programs that relates to job training. Housing need base projects must thrive to take poverty out of every home by helping their tenants return to work. This will allow tenants to pay for services based on their lease agreement along with their rent. The new innovative project is called Project "Nova One 1' sustainability. 

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